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CDL Vermont is an online collaborative where employers can learn about opportunities to hire drivers from other industries that have seasonal demands. It's where companies can post opportunities for CDL holders who want to work in Vermont. It's a resource on employment law, worker's compensation and unemployment insurance, as well as information on licensing, testing, and background check services for hazmat endorsements.

The shortage of truck drivers is being felt across the country— the American Trucking Association puts the shortage at 50,000 today and getting much worse in the near term.

Where are all the drivers? There are 21,814 Vermonters with a Class A or Class B Commercial Driver’s License, but only 1200 of these drivers (less than 6%) have a Hazardous Materials Endorsement.

In Vermont, with an unemployment rate of 2.8% and zero population growth, the shortage is not easily fixed. That’s why nearly a dozen heating fuel dealers met on Wednesday with employers that have a higher demand for drivers in the summer. Representatives from the Department of Labor, Department of Motor Vehicles and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) also helped lead the discussion. After talking through the possible benefits and challenges of swapping seasonal drivers between industries, VFDA and the Associated General Contractors agreed to develop an online clearinghouse of information where employers and CDL operators can post information and learn about opportunities.

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Soon to be posted:

Details on sharing seasonal drivers from the Vermont Department of Labor

Important:  Form Switch

The DOT Medical Examiner's Certificates and Forms have changed. Certified medical examiners must use the NEW forms when completing a DOT physical. The only element that changed on the new card and report is the expiration date, all other pieces and places for information remain the same. The new form can be found at tinyurl.com/cdlmedform.  This change is effective immediately.

CDL Vermont is a collaborative effort by the Associated General Contractors of Vermont

and the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association.

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